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June 02, 2005

The Latest Pewie!

Who will it be???

For those who are confusing this with Adrian Warnock's Warnies should be aware -- a Pewie is NOT a badge of honor. Well, some people may think of it that way, but it's not intended that way. This is where I illustrate how "tolerant" people really act -- and there's a reason that the category name is "Intolerant Tolerance"

The New York Daily News brings us the latest Pewie recipient -- Dr. Timothy Shortell, the chairman of the Brooklyn College sociology department. Dr. Shortell has made the following prefectly tolerant statement, describing people with religious faith:

an ugly, violent lot. In the name of their faith, these moral retards are running around pointing fingers."{emphasis added}
THIS is the guy that the powers-that-be at Brooklyn College have put in the chair of an important department. THIS is what Brooklyn College thinks of people who have religious faith.

Dr. Shortell has every right to his opinion -- judging from his web site, I'd like to read his latest research project (comparing the reaction to Darwin's theories at his time to the reaction today). He also has a comment to everyone who has emailed him concerning hs comments (toward the bottom of his page)

I am proud to be among a group of intellectuals who have argued for a free, secular society, including Voltaire, Marx, Freud, Bertrand Russell, Mark Twain, Richard Dawkins, and many others.
Read the rest of it at his site -- it is worth reading. Essentially, he salutes those who don't follow the orthodoxy of their religious faiths -- who put the priority on this world rather than the next.

We should be active and involved in things here and now -- I wish more evangelicals were involved in combating poverty, homelessness, etc. (Actually, I really wish that those evangelicals who ARE involved actually got credit for what they are doing. I won't hold my breath, though.) But our primary focus as Christians is to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature," as we are commanded to do by Christ. If we aren't doing that, nothing else we do matters.

Posted by Warren Kelly at June 2, 2005 05:33 PM | TrackBack
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