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January 27, 2009

Why I'm Getting Rid of Google Chrome

WAY off topic for this blog (though, seriously, anything I post at this point is a plus - more on that a bit later), but something that's bugging me, and has been for a while.

Google Chrome isn't stable. At least not on my computer. Admittedly, I've got an old computer (7 years old now), but one of the reasons I decided to use Chrome was because it wasn't resource intensive -- it was something that I thought I could use on my computer without it becoming a resource hog.

And it's not a resource hog. In fact, there's a lot to like about Chrome; I love the ability to save sites as 'applications' on the desktop -- I've done that for Google Reader and Google Docs, and as I use more Internet-based applications I figured I'd do it more often. After all, the more "cloud computing" I do, the better; I'm not handicapped by my own ancient computer if I'm using someone else's computer.

But Chrome crashes on me several times every day. It runs Flash sporadically for me at best, though I've just about given up listening to music on MySpace with it (and I do that a lot -- I sample music for the podcast via bands' MySpace pages), and watching YouTube videos is hit and miss. Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to upload some pictures to my Facebook account, and it totally crashed on me.

These things wouldn't upset me if Chrome was still in Beta. But it's not; this is a product that, rumor has it, is going to be packaged with Dell computers in the not too distant future. And it's not working very well on my Dell.

I like Google. I use Google Reader, and I use Google Docs. I've got four Gmail accounts. The potential for Chrome is there, but it just won't work for me, and I can't justify wasting any more time on it.

Posted by Warren Kelly at January 27, 2009 01:55 PM | TrackBack
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