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February 22, 2005

Some Fun with Bookmarks

Blatently ripped off from Jared and the Songstress.

1. Open the bookmarks list in your favorite web browser and note the bottommost entry (which may or may not be the last one you added), even if it's inside a folder. Copy the bookmark title, along with the URL, into a post or comment.

2. Count up your list from there, and select every fourth bookmark, until you've picked another four. Add them to your post or comment.

3. Publish the list of five bookmarks and wait for the world to marvel at your eclectic and sophisticated interests!

Your Guide to Bathroom Design and Remodeling -- I was feeling ambitious, OK? We even went out and bought the tile -- it's still in boxes.
The Shakespeare Classroom -- You DID know that my wife and I both teach (well, I did until this past fall). What do you expect?
Beatles Christmas Records -- I downloaded all of these this year and burned them onto a CD for us to listen to while travelling.
The Homestar Runner Wiki -- He IS the fastest runner, after all.
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut -- If you haven't read it yet, you need to. One of my favorites, even though the kids didn't get it when my wife taught it.

Those are my five. How about you?

Posted by Warren Kelly at February 22, 2005 02:26 PM
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