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January 28, 2005

How Far is Too Far?

{That title should get me some unintended Google hits!}

I was planning on stopping tonight, then I read this.

I'm not a political blogger. And I think that the war in Iraq is justified, even as I fervently wish that other means could have been used, and I pray for peace there every day. But I think that this article shows exactly what lengths the military is willing to go to in order to get information and break prisoners.

I was sickened when I read this. I don't think Islam is true: they deny that Christ is the Messiah, and look to other means to get to heaven. But there are a LOT of Muslims who have distanced themselves from the radicals, and I think that it is incredibly unfair that their faith is under assault by our military. I don't have to approve of Islam; in America, they have the right to their faith as much as I do.

The worst thing is, it didn't have to be anything sexual. Pork products would have had the same reaction, and would have been less distasteful for many Americans who are still seeing images of Abu Grahib (I hope I spelled that right!). But even that would have offended me, and should have offended any person of faith.

We have said for years that faith is under assault in this country. Now we have an example of how faith is treated on the battlefield. If this had been a Christian soldier of the US Army in the hands of Iraqi captors, and his faith had been assaulted in this manner, our entire nation would be outraged. The Christian community would be up in arms. And rightly so.

We should express our outrage at this treatment as well. This religious exploitation must end. Assaulting faith is too far. This is NOT a religious war, after all.

Posted by Warren Kelly at January 28, 2005 10:11 PM
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