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October 28, 2004

That was QUICK!!

I had to kill a post I was in the middle of just now.

Christianity Today had a great piece on the latest outrage from the ECUSA on Tuesday. I didn't see it until this morning, and started to write it up, and let loose with a whole lot of righteous indignation. I clicked on the link to the "Women's Eucharist" liturgy .... and got a 404 page instead.

They took it down. They didn't just eliminate the links to that page from the ECUSA page -- they took the liturgy offline.

CT has a story today about it, and has a few quotes from the liturgies that they left up. There is also a disclaimer now that says that the liturgies are not official liturgies of the Episcopal Church.

This resource section is intended to provide a space for women to share their voices with one another. It is a work-in-progress and its shape will continue to emerge as we move forward. These are not official liturgies of the Episcopal Church—rather, they are a gathering of voices. Our hope with this section is to simply begin a conversation around women and our liturgical tradition as it is now. Please use them for study, dialogue, questions, ponderings, and gathering communities of worship.
Compare that sentiment to this from Monday (I hope they don't take this down, too. If they do, I'll try to find another source for it).

Especially interesting is that the recotr who wrote the missing liturgy is involved in neo-paganism. I won't qcunt and paaste everything from the CT article -- go over there and check it out, and prepare to be REALLY upset.

Unless you happen to LIKE a heavy dose of paganism attached to your celebration of Communion. In that case, I'm sure someone at the ECUSA still has a copy of the liturgy for your edification.

Posted by Warren Kelly at October 28, 2004 09:23 AM
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