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October 21, 2004

NOT a Fun Time

This has been a miserable week. That's why the posting schedule has been nonexistant, and I apologize. Especially after I said I was going to do better.

Started off great -- I got an A+ on my Philosophy midterm, that I really wasn't expecting. Another A on the weekly quiz, and I was ready for an awesome week at seminary.

That lasted exactly five hours. My wife called to let me know that someone had managed to get her check card number, and had bought a TON of shoes and other goodies online. We had nothing in the checking account -- and my rent for commuter housing was due, AND tuition was getting ready to come out of the account.

I keep looking at the A+ on my test, trying to recapture the feeling of pure exhileration and joy that I felt when I first go it. Then I think of someone ordering $400 worth of shoes from one online store (specializing in cheap shoes, BTW), and I see nothing but red.

It's been hard keeping focus, but with God's help I've managed. Hopefully, I'll manage to keep it up, since this semester is about to get into the really fun time -- two papers and three finals in the next month and a half. OOOOOOO BOY!!!

Posted by Warren Kelly at October 21, 2004 03:04 PM
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