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October 19, 2004

Reflections on Turning 300

Somewhere back there, while the blogger counter wasn't quite keeping up, I turned the 300 posts mark. I'm not sure what I expected; maybe Blogspot should set up a script that generates fireworks or something when you hit 300. Should you get presents from everyone in your blogroll (haha)? Should there be an IRC party? Do you send cards?

I look back on the things I posted at the beginning -- some of them were quite good, and others were pure drek. I haven't had anything up at the Best of Me Symphony lately, partially because I didn't see anything really noteworthy to submit. But I think I had a different objective back then.

I just wanted a place to spout off. Somewhere to go to rant, when I saw something in life that struck me as stupid/inconsistant/whatever. Sure, I wanted to be read, but that wasn't the idea at first -- that's why I opted for the free blog solution.

Somewhere along the line, something happened. People actually started reading what I was writing. At last glance, there were 20 people subscribed to my feeds through Bloglines (of course, 6 of them are too embarrassed to let anyone know who they are ...). This isn't a high traffic site by any streach of the imagination, but I actually have people reading what I write, and that is scary.

I can't just throw something together -- even though I often do, and it's obvious. I'm feeling the duty to say something worth saying -- and something worth reading. There are a lot of places you could go visit, but you show up here, some of you several times a day. Even when all I've posted is some stupid thing about what OS I am.

Thanks. And I promise to do better work.

I've got a lot of things rolling around in my head (lots of extra room there!) that will show up here in the next few weeks (some this week, depending on my schedule). I'm working on more about Scripture, sola scriptura, inspiration, and all that is associated with it. I've been reading about middle knowledge for my philosophy paper -- fascinating stuff, with some interesting implications -- so that may show up here. I'll probably link to my review of James Whites KJVO book, since it'll be WAY too long to post (5-6 pages). And I'll get my other papers up somewhere for all to read and laugh at.

I guess the next milestone is 500. Maybe by my birthday (January 26), maybe later. But I'll get there.

Posted by Warren Kelly at October 19, 2004 03:15 PM
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