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October 03, 2004

Jenkins/LaHaye II?

From Christian Retailing

Jerry Jenkins said Wednesday that he and "Left Behind" partner Tim LaHaye are "at the paperwork stage" with Viking Press for another book series.
"Dr. LaHaye and I are very excited about this idea," Jenkins told Christian Retailing. "The novels will be set in New Testament times with the ministry of Jesus as the focus and a different disciple as the perspective character in each."

The New York Observer reported last week that the "Left Behind" duo was close to signing a multimillion-dollar contract for a four-book series titled "The Jesus Chronicles."

"The parties have agreed in principle, so we're at the paperwork stage now," Jenkins explained about talks with Viking, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. "The first manuscript will not be due for more than a year, so I believe they're looking at a late '06 release."

Jenkins also is busy with another "Left Behind" project.

"I'm currently writing book one in the 'Left Behind' series, The Rising: Birth of Antichrist. Eventually the original "Left Behind" will become book four," Jenkins added, citing George Lucas' recent "Star Wars" prequels.

The popular end-times drama's last installment, Glorious Appearing, was released in March. At that time, the "Left Behind" series had sold more than 60 million units of the books and related products. The series has brought in estimated revenues of around $1 billion.

So we have "Left Behind" prequels and a new series, and Jerry Jenkins thinks he's George Lucas.

Posted by Warren Kelly at October 3, 2004 01:59 PM
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