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September 05, 2004

Rise of the Godbloggers?

Evangelical Outpost has an interesting article on the State of the Blogosphere after the elections in November. He's looking for a change in the whole structure of blogging, including Godblogging.

Religion can rise -- The two topics verboten in polite conversation are the two topics everyone most wants to talk about – politics and religion. With the relative decline of the political discourse, there is the chance that discussions of religion will become more popular. Religion blogging, though, needs its breakout star. The fact that there is no Catholic equivalent of Instapundit or an evangelical Andrew Sullivan prevents religious discussions from reaching a broader audience. While I can’t predict that this will in fact be a result of the coming changes, I think it provides a unique opportunity and renewed hope for religious bloggers.

I wasn't sure I agreed with him on the lack of a "big" Godblogger. Then I checked TTLB, and in the top 100, I could find no Godblogger. Many Christians who blog politics, but nobody who blogs religion on a consistant basis.

Of course, GetReligion isn't listed there at all, that I could see. It's easy to see TTLB as the ultimate index of the blogosphere, but we need to remember to look beyond. GetReligion is an outstanding blog, written by believers who comment on the reporting of religion in the popular press. Maybe that isn't the strict definition of a Godblogger, though.

Checking out blogs4God, we have He Lives, who is getting a LOT of hits. Dealing mainly with evolution/creation issues will do that for you, though I've seen great posts there that weren't on that subject. Jollyblogger and Parableman also come to mind as having great potential to rise to the top. Of course, the Evangelical Outpost itself gets a lot of attention, and shouldn't be ignored.

I think the point of the article at EO, and the point I'm trying to make, is that there is going to be a shift in focus in the blogosphere. We need to be ready to take advantage of it. We can make a difference, if we try.

Posted by Warren Kelly at September 5, 2004 10:59 PM
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