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June 18, 2004

This is an ALLY??

This article tells me that we need to keep a close eye on our Saudi "allies".

We jumped all over China about human rights violations and religious freedom, yet we spend a TON of money every year on Saudi oil, and don't even give things like this a second look. I haven't seen much mention of the story in any major media outlets -- maybe I haven't been paying attention, but I doubt it.

"What's happening to Mr. O'Connor is by no means unusual in Saudi Arabia, where respect for human rights is as rare as shade trees."

Mexico is fixed pretty good for oil, as I recall. AND they're a NAFTA member, so no big ole tarriffs importing from them. And I have a feeling that the Mexican economy could use a boost -- maybe cut down on the illegal immigration. They might apprciate American dollars more than the Saudis. And US oil companies wouldn't have to pay near as much in travel expenses.

And they don't kill Christians for their faith in Mexico. Someone needs to play some hardball with the Saudis.

Posted by Warren Kelly at June 18, 2004 09:01 PM
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