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May 19, 2004

My Life: The Movie?????

Deep in the heart of Southern Ohio, a conversation is taking place ....

Him: I called that guy from Hollywood back this afternoon. You won't believe what he wanted to talk about?
Her: Let me guess -- View From the Pew: The Movie?
Him: Nope. ME: The Movie.
Her: WHAT??????
Him: My thoughts exactly. Apparantly, there's interest in the lives of seminarian/bloggers. Somewhere.
Her(chuckling obnoxiously under her breath): So what kind of movie is it going to be?
Him: Good question. Problem is, my life isn't consistant enough for a movie. It could be a drama about a loving husband and father who has to spend time away from home to get his education. Could be a comedy about some of the stupid things that father has gotten himself into.
Her: Really!! Remember that time ...
Him: No, I don't. It could also be a buddy movie.
Her: You don't have any friends.
Him: You're not helping!! It could even be a sports movie -- life has sure thrown me a lot of curves, but I've hit a few out of the park.
Her: You don't even LIKE baseball!!!
Him: Could be a LOT of different movies. Maybe I should talk to him about a miniseries. Or sequals.
Her: Can you do a sequal about a life story? Wouldn't that be the afterlife story?
Him: Very funny. We did decide on one thing, though.
Her: What's that?
Him: Matthew Broderick plays me. Ever since that girl at college said I looked like Ferris Beuhler, I've thought he should play me. And he needs the movie work.
Her: To capture the real you, it would have to be an animated movie. They could re-use the artwork from Toy Story -- you look a LOT like Woody.

Posted by Warren Kelly at May 19, 2004 05:47 PM
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