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April 13, 2004

A Music Rant

I confess, I used Napster back when it was free. I used Kazaa (then Kazaa Lite, to get rid of the spyware). When I was in middle school and high school, I used blank cassettes to tape music off the radio. I'm not new to the whole music piracy/copyright thing. I got rid of Kazaa about a year and a half ago, and started using iTunes. I've also got the new Napster. 99 cents isn't too much for a single.

NOW, they're gettting greedy. Let's do the math here, just for a second. I can get, on average, 16 songs on a regular CD. That's $16, PLUS I'm buying the CD (call it a dime there). A new release music CD costs about $14 at Walmart. I'm more likely to buy one or two songs from an artist I've never heard of than I am to buy the whole album. And I know that I've spent more this year on iTunes than I would have in the stores -- and I've STILL bought CDs in stores. WHY does the record industry seem determined to committ suicide and blame it on consumers?

Posted by Warren Kelly at April 13, 2004 09:56 PM
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