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July 03, 2005


You'll notice that there's a new button over on the left, for Blingo.

The theory is that you use them to search, and randomly during the day, they award prizes to people. Movie tickets, iPod Shuffles, Amazon gift cards.

And Sony PSPs.

I've been using it for a while now, but never put anything up here. I am doing it now because I just won.

A Sony PSP.


Actually, you have the option to take the prize or a Visa gift card for the purchase price of the item. I can't afford PSP games right now, so I got a gift card for $249 coming to me.

The cool thing is, the person who referred me (and I don't even remember who it was now, some site I wandered onto I think) won the same prize. And they may not even know it yet.

So go sign up for Blingo. Use the link over there on the lieft, to let them know I sent you. Then go win something cool.

Posted by Warren Kelly at July 3, 2005 01:44 PM | TrackBack
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