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August 04, 2005


Caution: No Real Posting Here. Navel-gazing ahead. Procede with caution, and at your own risk.
So here I am. Back from vacation, ready to start blogging.

And I have nothing to say. Nothing at all.

The next installment of the Mark Study isn't quite where I want it yet. The other "ongoing series" things that I've started haven't been touched in so long that I'd probably need to re-introduce everyone to them -- including myself.

I've heard it said that a week off is followed by an off week. I hope that's not the case with me. I had a lot of energy this morning, but shot most of it in a futile arguement with a deist on the Fundamentalist Forums. Head over there and read it -- it starts here. It would be more entertaining if I thought that the guy was trying to be funny, but based on other things he's said, he really is that dense.

I'm going to spend some time this evening trying to get myself re-energized. I still have the Sunday at First Baptist podcast to do, and I want to have the first View from the Pew Radio "Pewcast" done by Sunday -- I even have a band to feature this week, and probably for a few weeks to come. Then I'll post something intelligent, I hope.

Posted by Warren Kelly at August 4, 2005 08:00 PM | TrackBack
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