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August 06, 2005

Blogcritics Breaks 10,000,000

Not too long ago I started writing reviews over at Blogcritics. And though not everyone there wants to see conservatives OR Christians posting, I've stuck around. I'm even the assistant editor for the Books section now!

And a few days ago, the site had it's 10,000,000th visitor. NOT page views. Visitors. Ten million. The place averages more in an hour than I get in a month.

And there are some good people there, mixed in with the blind ideologues from both sides of the spectrum. I've had some good discussions with people, and have had one of my book reviews featured at And I've been able to get free stuff to review -- season one of Emergency! is on it's way, as are a couple CDs and a book or two. Free stuff is good.

If you've got a blog of your own, and like to read, OR listen to music, OR watch videos and movies, check out Blogcritics. Sign up, and write some reviews. If you DON'T have a blog, go there anyway and read some of the reviews and opinions there. Interact with some people. Say something nice about one of my reviews, while you're at it!

Posted by Warren Kelly at August 6, 2005 02:19 PM | TrackBack
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