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August 21, 2005

Must Read Blogging

So I'm cruising through the RSS feeds I'm subscribed to, and a post jumps out at me. This one, at Al Mohler's blog.

Anyone who has had Dr. Mohler for a class knows he has a sense of humor. He can be a very funny man. But that's not what he's known for -- his focus is in a different direction. Which is what makes this so funny:

I've dropped a few Oreos in my time. Ok, maybe more than a few. My Oreo habit, kept from public view until now, is supplemented by a milk habit that's even harder to break. Oh yes, I've become highly adept at hiding my Oreo habit, though some may argue that the effects are more difficult to hide. My local Oreo pusher, a.k.a. "Sugar Dude," hangs out at the local grocery store, lurking right by the cookie aisle. His nefarious accomplice, "The Milk Man," pushes his white poison in the dairy department. I work hard at hiding my habit. Oreo addicts must be especially careful about those pesky dark crumbs and the real give-away, the milk moustache. Many's the time I've had to duck in for a quick appointment with the tooth brush, hoping against hope that no one would see the dark stains on the brush. My secret is out.
Dr. Mohler should consider himself fortunate. My own Oreo supplier ("Choco Monster") has recently started importing the high-quality "double stuff" Oreos. Those things are murder to try to quit cold turkey.

Posted by Warren Kelly at August 21, 2005 02:29 PM | TrackBack
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