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November 11, 2005

Soda Club -- The Review

So I promised everyone that I'd review my new toy here. My original review is at Blogcritics, but I've had the machine longer now.
Image Hosted by
First of all, the flavors are great. I've tried everything they sent me except the diet cola, the diet pink grapefruit, and the sports drink, and everything tastes really good.

The thing is simple to use. Hook a bottle of cold water up to the machine (you have to use their bottles, but that's OK), hit the carbonator button (on the top) three times or so, and add the soda syrup. It takes all of a minute to fix, if you keep the water in the fridge. I've been keeping a couple bottles in the fridge at all times, ready to be turned into soda.

It's also cheaper than I said in the BC article -- they have a machine that's less expensive than the Edition 1 that I got. You can get a starter kit for less than $100.

And I can't stress how convenient it is. You don't run out of sodas. YOu don't suddenly say "Wow, I'd love to have an orange float, but I don't have any orange soda." Or rootbeer float. Or Coke float. Or whatever.

I'm not sure that I would have ever bought one of these things. I probably never would have seen one if I hand't read the press release that Blogcritics got, and requested a sample to review. But I'm glad I did. And I think this is something that's worth the money.

If you camp or boat, this is actually being marketed to you. Most boating stores and camping stores carry them now -- judging from the web site, they're in just about every Boaters World store in the country. A lot of diet and health food stores are getting in on the act, too. And you can get them at the Soda Club website, of course. Check them out -- I know I'll be buying some more flavors in the near future.

Posted by Warren Kelly at November 11, 2005 08:39 PM | TrackBack
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