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March 09, 2006

Weekly Webcomics Wrapup

Everyone knows I read webcomics. And I hadn't really given a lot of thought to writing about what I read -- partially because there are a TON of blogs devoted to nothing but Webcomics, but mainly because Donald Crankshaw does such a good job of it over at his blog, and I thought it would look like I was ripping him off (well, I kind of am, but ...).

But I decided I'm going to do it anyway. And though I read three comics that Donald reviews on his site, I won't be duplicating him (unless I disagree with him, of course). There are a few comics that I love reading, that I look forward to, and I want to talk about them. So this post is where I introduce you to them, and talk a little about the plot to this point. And don't worry -- I'm only doing three.

UserFriendly. Great comic about a bunch of misunderstood and underappreciated computer geek types. Not really a lot of actual plot -- more like a gag a day (or two) comic. Haven't read the archives of this one yet, so I"m learning as I go along.

Questionable Content. Indie culture gets celebrated and skewered in this one. Marten is a guy with a crummy job (we don't actually know what he does). He takes in Faye when her apartment building is burned down, and begins a strictly platonic relationship with her. She works at a coffee house with Dora (Marten's current love) and Raven. Recently, Marten found out why Faye doesn't seem interested in a relationship with him (troublesome past -- read the archives and find it all out), and has turned to Dora. We're still waiting for the fallout from that one.

Theater Hopper. There's this guy, Tom. He likes movies. A lot. REALLY a lot. So do his friend Jared and his wife Cami -- but not always as much as Tom does. This one tends to follow current movie trends, and lampoons Hollywood culture pretty well.

So those are the three I'm following on the blog. If there are interesting developments in the others I read, I will comment here, but those are going to be what I focus on. And I'll add a link list to the sidebar once I get the motivation to work on the template again.

Posted by Warren Kelly at March 9, 2006 11:15 AM | TrackBack
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