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April 24, 2006

iTunes Fun

Got this meme from Songstress. Fired up iTunes and here are my results:

HOW MANY SONGS? 841, including a LOT of podcasts and a 35-part lecture series on church history. Seriously -- I've got something like 428 podcast episodes right now -- I need to go through them and get rid of most. I keep the dramatic podcasts that I listen to (like Dr. Floyd) and burn them to CD later, so I need to do that, too. But I've got CDs to rip, so the actual total will probably go up.

SORT BY SONG TITLE: (I filtered out the podcasts for this one)
First: A Balynure Ballad by Christopher Lynch, from an Original Irish Tenors CD I reviewed.
Last: Your Lies by Silas, a Chrisitan indie band that I'm going to play on an upcoming Pewcast.

SORT BY TIME: (again, leaving out the podcasts, some of which are over an hour long)
Longest: Parable Guy by ApologetiX (8:21) (parody of American Pie)
Shortest: Winter Wonderland by Steve Taylor (2:02)

First: Back Home by Eric Clapton
Last: Wide Eyed and Mystified by downhere. NOT the whole album (it's not out until the end of May), but I got the single to play on the Pewcast.


"Say Yeah," "The Best I Have to Offer," "A Song About Nothing," and "In Jesus Name" by Three Cord Wonder, and "I Will Sing" by Jamie Rowe. What can I say, Three Cord Wonder is a great band. You can hear them on ... well, you know.


Poor Rich Folk, "Leaves Like Eve's." Guess where I've played that one ....

SEARCH FOR: (left the podcasts in for this one)
Sex - 1. A report on turning in sexual predators from Stacy Harp's podcast.
Death - 1. "Death Danced at Midnight" -- a Red Panda Adventure from Decoder Ring Theater.
Love - 23. I'm not listing all of them!

If you want to do this one, knock yourself out -- just hit me with a trackback!

Posted by Warren Kelly at April 24, 2006 05:56 PM | TrackBack
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