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March 21, 2008

Convicting Stuff ...

... from the Boars Head Tavern. I know, I know -- now Phil and the rest of the Pyros will never read my blog again. Like they ever did to begin with.

We often want a Jesus that supports our pet views, our political party, our ideas of judgement and justice. We want to use Jesus to get things done, to scold our opponents and laud our accomplishments, to be on our side.

And if that won’t work, well, we’ll happily kill that Jesus and come up with another one.

Today is Good Friday, or Great Friday, and today is the day I remember how I stood among the crowds, blind with rage and fear, and shouted for the death of God. Today is the day I followed as He was taken outside the city to be brutally murdered because He wouldn’t conform to the image I had for Him. Today they laid His body in a tomb, dead and gone, any hopes we once had for Him crushed.

We're still looking for the same Messiah that Judas was looking for. The one that is going to solve our problems right now, beat our enemies right now, and set up the perfect kingdom right now. Jesus the Republican. Jesus the Radical. Jesus the Liberal. Jesus the Reformer.

And we forget all about Jesus the Savior. We forget that His ways aren't our ways, our agenda is not His agenda. If we could just get back to that idea, the Church would be a better people for it, and a lot of our division would end.

Posted by Warren Kelly at March 21, 2008 04:47 PM | TrackBack
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