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August 02, 2008

Liberty University Students for Obama???

Recent article on a ynchburg TV station concerning a student who is the head of an organization called LU Students for Obama.

Now, the rest of the story....

I first heard about this on a message board for Liberty sports fans, The thread started off pretty much making fun of the girl, and it got a little immature. THEN, she showed up and took us all to task for our "unChristian behavior." She stated her views pretty strongly, and most of us wondered why she'd ever enroll in a school like Liberty, when she opposes everything that the school stands for.

But we started another discussion thread, and invited her to take part. She did, and seemed to have a hard time defending her views. In fact, for someone who claimed that she wanted to stand up for her beliefs in a hostile environment, she really didn't seem to be able to handle hostility all that well (and yes, we were hostile).

Now we find out that she isn't even actually a Liberty student. She's currently enrolled at Lynchburg College. Looks like we've got a case of someone who wanted attention, decided to stir up controversy on campus at a Christian school by going against everything that the school believes in, and get her 15 minutes of fame when the news media came calling.

There is a small group of LU students who support Barak Obama, I'm sure. But Michelle Miller isn't one of them, and it's a shame that the local media is allowing her to portray herself as one. She certainly doesn't represent the majority of Liberty students.

Or alumni.

Posted by Warren Kelly at August 2, 2008 03:06 PM | TrackBack
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