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Weekly Webcomics Wrapup

July 29, 2008

Sense of Humor, Anyone?

OK, now people are starting to annoy me. I just got home, and as I was checking my Twitter feeds noticed that Scott Kurtz had somehow annoyed the Christians in his audience. Now, I'm a Southern Baptist minister, mind you, so I'm always itching for a good fight. I fired up Google Reader and checked out Scott's latest PvP comics.

Seriously, now. Is that what we're getting upset about?? I was all set to take offense and unfollow Scott, and that's all I get???

OK, even more seriously -- I'd actually figured it was something more than this, but I wasn't going to unfollow anyone, or stop reading PvP. Folks, if we stop reading or buying or using everything that offends us, our lives are going to be pretty boring and pathetic. Yes, I think that people should at least respect core beliefs. But Scott does have a point when he Tweets, "No Christians would be emailing me about respecting core beliefs today if I was mocking wiccans or athiests [sic]."

Religious liberty is about everyone, kids. Religious tolerance is about everyone. We don't have to agree with them, we don't have to like them, we can be all about trying to show them that they're wrong. But at least in the USA, they can be as wrong as they want to be. I don't have to agree with them, or like them, but you'd better not mess with their right to say what they want. Point is -- we should be emailing him if he offends Wiccans or atheists, if we're going to email him about being offended ourselves.

And if you were offended by those panels, you'd better not read Lark News, or Tom In The Box.

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April 06, 2006

Quick Note re: WWW

Some have noticed that I left Theater Hopper out of the last wrapup. I haven't stopped reading it, and I will include it in the future.

I'm also adding The Order of the Stick based on a LOT of things (it's funny, it's plot driven, it's funny), but mainly on the virtues of this strip (which has already been Websnarked).

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April 03, 2006

Weekly Webcomics Wrapup

Once again, it's time for the three-days-late Wrapup.

Questionable Content: We look at Marten and Dora together -- "the music dork version of sloppy makeouts." You get a music education in every episode of this comic!

Antihero For Hire: More exposition about The Froster. AND a "surprise attack." Not sure where this one is going yet -- it may not be 'going' anywhere, since this is an "Interlude phase."

User Friendly: Flavored coffee and Windows Vista are skewered this week. Oh, AND a cruel, cruel April Fool's joke.

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March 27, 2006

Weekly Webcomics Update

A few days late, but here it is!

I'm adding a new one this time: Antihero for Hire. Perfect time to start reading this one, as it's the very beginning of a new story arc, involving the King of the Ice, 'The Froster'. The comic is set in a future time where Canada has waged an "Unexpected War" against the United States:

See, what happened was that Canada, tired of the way the US was running their country, sent wave after wave of genetically modified dinosaurs trained to attack only military targets. Not one non-resistant was killed, and all of the states that bordered Canada became provinces. Word is people living there don't really mind, which is one of main reasons it was so successful. The other was, of course, that the US was so busy protecting themselves against Weapons of Mass Destruction that they never made anything to protect against dinosaur attacks.

Superheroes are paid by the job, and are as valid a career choice as any other. This is a great comic -- though the art is at times a bit rough, the stories are well-written. It's also not a very old comic (June 2003), so the archives won't take you a month to read.

Questionable Content: Faye heads home to Savannah for a couple of days. Favorite line this week: "Suave dudes alwys smell like aftershave and Old Spice. It's pretty gross." Today we get to meet Faye's Mom.

Theater Hopper: Guest comics with an unplanned theme -- minor characters with secret crushes on Tom! Tom joins the fun in today's strip.

User Friendly: A.J.'s quest for blog traffic.

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March 09, 2006

Weekly Webcomics Wrapup

Everyone knows I read webcomics. And I hadn't really given a lot of thought to writing about what I read -- partially because there are a TON of blogs devoted to nothing but Webcomics, but mainly because Donald Crankshaw does such a good job of it over at his blog, and I thought it would look like I was ripping him off (well, I kind of am, but ...).

But I decided I'm going to do it anyway. And though I read three comics that Donald reviews on his site, I won't be duplicating him (unless I disagree with him, of course). There are a few comics that I love reading, that I look forward to, and I want to talk about them. So this post is where I introduce you to them, and talk a little about the plot to this point. And don't worry -- I'm only doing three.

UserFriendly. Great comic about a bunch of misunderstood and underappreciated computer geek types. Not really a lot of actual plot -- more like a gag a day (or two) comic. Haven't read the archives of this one yet, so I"m learning as I go along.

Questionable Content. Indie culture gets celebrated and skewered in this one. Marten is a guy with a crummy job (we don't actually know what he does). He takes in Faye when her apartment building is burned down, and begins a strictly platonic relationship with her. She works at a coffee house with Dora (Marten's current love) and Raven. Recently, Marten found out why Faye doesn't seem interested in a relationship with him (troublesome past -- read the archives and find it all out), and has turned to Dora. We're still waiting for the fallout from that one.

Theater Hopper. There's this guy, Tom. He likes movies. A lot. REALLY a lot. So do his friend Jared and his wife Cami -- but not always as much as Tom does. This one tends to follow current movie trends, and lampoons Hollywood culture pretty well.

So those are the three I'm following on the blog. If there are interesting developments in the others I read, I will comment here, but those are going to be what I focus on. And I'll add a link list to the sidebar once I get the motivation to work on the template again.

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